Polo For Pups Event

The cool and damp weather didn’t stop supporters from coming out for a thrilling polo match and of course, the adorable puppies! Polo for Pups hosted by Kirby Hill Farm drew roughly 130 spectators and supporters. There was no shortage of fun, food and adoptions with A New Chance Animal Rescue, a volunteer organization whose mission is to rescue homeless dogs and match them to permanent families. Families gathered to watch the polo match alongside announcers K. Cooper Ray and Gair Laucius while others got a chance to meet the animals in hopes of bringing one of the precious pups’ home. Overall the event raised a $1000 and team Team Arroway Tractor took the trophy with Team Eastern Hay and Grain in a close second. The final score was 8 to 7 on the scoreboard sponsored by Cameron's 24/7 Deli Brewster NY.

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