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Kirby Hill Farm Riders Qualify for National Dressage Championships

Congratulations to two Kirby Hill riders qualifying for the National Dressage Championships in Lexington, KY. Sandra Cohen will be competing in Intermediate l in the Adult Amateur Division and David Collins in the Prix St Georges open Division. Additionally, David has two other students qualified, Fie Studnitz Andersen and Jane Kehoe, both at training level. Riders from across the USA will meet in Lexington for head-to-head competition. We are thrilled to have this extraordinary and special talent at Kirby Hill Farm.

David Collins is a Certified FEI dressage trainer (by Olympic coach) and author. As a professional dressage instructor in NY, he shares his extensive education in classical dressage with his students and horses. David has ridden alongside many Olympic trainers and Reitmeisters who were recognized as some of the best in the world.


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